About Claritas Publishing

Our Founding Vision

The story of Claritas Publishing begins with the vision and commitment shared by a small group of families to educate our children in the best way possible, together. Our founding families came from different backgrounds and churches, but loved one another and classical education. Our desire was to create a hybrid program, with the freedom to add and subtract as we saw fit. The guiding ethos being rigor alongside grace.

Our Journey

This journey began back in 2012 and the early years were marked by trial and error as we experimented with various Latin and science curricula and refined our identity and aspirations. We loved the model of grammar students building their educational foundation through memorization and so we began the work of writing and compiling memory work for our community. Realizing others may benefit from our efforts, we launched our online store in 2016 and Claritas Publishing was born!

Centered on Community

Claritas Publishing has remained a non-profit, dedicated to supporting our local community. As we have grown and expanded our offerings, we have remained steadfast in our commitment to help fellow homeschoolers. We don’t require licensing fees or registration for groups, and we’ve resisted creating too many how-to guides, etc.because we’ve learned throughout this process that homeschooling isn’t a one-size-fits-all proposition. The journey of learning what works best and what you most desire for your own family or community is a precious thing, and in our opinion, is just as important as the curriculum you choose. We only sell what we also use with our own children, and as always we welcome your feedback and conversation as we journey together in this adventure!