Cycle 2

Cycle 2

Cycle 2 Memory Work Guide

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Our Cycle 2 Memory Guide includes 28 weeks of grammar pegs in the following subjects: History, Math, Science, Latin, English Grammar, Scripture, Geography, Hymn, and Timeline.  This beautiful, full-color guide will take your family from the Dark Ages through the Early Explorers. Coil binding; full-color, 8.5"x11" maps also included.

History: Middle Ages.  Diocletian to Early Explorers. 

Math: Skip counting 1-12, 15, 25; squares and cubes; order of operations; common fractions as decimals; prime numbers; Roman numerals; conversions; percent; commutative, associative, identity and distributive properties; prefixes for the Metric system; dividing fractions; Pythagorean Theorem; absolute value; place value names; ratio and proportion; averages.

Science: Astronomy and Earth Science.  Includes: galaxies, stars, and constellations; sun, moon, and planets; Galileo; Copernicus; parts of the earth and atmosphere; natural cycles; biomes; clouds; parts of the ocean.

Latin: 1st and 2nd conjugations; The Apostle's Creed; 3rd declension nouns.

English Grammar: Parts of speech; noun and pronoun; adjective and articles; verb and adverb; conjunction and interjection; prepositions; parts of a sentence; sentence patterns; phrases and clauses; helping and linking verbs; verb properties.

Advanced English Grammar: All about verbs.

Scripture: Psalm 34; The Apostle’s Creed; Selection from the New Testament.

Geography: Continents and oceans; seas of the world; Asia, Africa, and Australia (countries & features); highest peaks.

"Praise to the Lord, the Almighty”; “A Mighty Fortress is Our God”; “Joy to the World”; “All Creatures of my God and King”; “To God Be the Glory”; “Crown Him with Many Crowns”; “Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee”; “The Doxology”.  

Timeline:  Creation through September 11, 2001.  U.S. Presidents.  

Downloadable PDF cycle specific flashcards included with purchase.

In order to protect our copyrighted material we require that a customer own a memory work guide or purchase a Cross Seven subscription for the corresponding cycle before purchasing any complementary materials.  Complementary materials include: Claritas memory work audio, maps, and handwriting sheets. 

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